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Maha Powerex MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger Analyzer (Expected arrival mid-September)

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Item: MH-C9000PRO

Order now - we will ship your order complete when these chargers are in stock.  Expected arrival is mid-September.

Powerex MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger-Analyzer

The Powerex MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger-Analyzer is one of the most advanced chargers on the market and it is suitable for enthusiast, tech-savvy, and professionals. It charges 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries via 4 independent charging slots in about 1 hour. The charger is compact sized, measuring at 4.25” x 4.25” x 2” (LWH) and has a large backlit LCD screen with an on and off option. There are ten selectable charge and discharge rates from 0.2A to 2.0A and 0.1A to 1.0A respectively. The charger has 4 Modes of operation: Charge, Break-In, Discharge, and Refresh & Analyze; which means that in addition to charging batteries, it can also analyze the health of the batteries. With the MH-C9000PRO Professional Charger-Analyzer, the “bad battery” guessing game is finally over!

* Batteries NOT included


  • 4 independent charging slots for AA/AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 Modes of Operation: Charge, Break-In, Discharge, and Refresh & Analyze
  • Memory Settings: Remembers the last settings that were used
  • Easy Setup: Set settings for 1 slot and apply same settings to all slots
  • Large backlit LCD display with On/Off option
  • Displays Capacity, Voltage, Time, and Rate
  • Optional car adapter (sold separately)
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

    4 Operational Modes:

  • Charging current adjustable from 0.2A to 2.0A in 0.1A increments
  • Useful when battery needs to be recharged without determining the capacity of the battery 
  • To be used on batteries known to be in good condition that have been in continuous use
     BREAK IN:
  • Also known as a "forming charge"
  • Recommended for batteries that cannot be rescued by the Refresh and Analyze mode
  • Useful to measure the amount of charge stored in the battery
  • Battery is not charged at the end of this cycle
  • Begins by charging the battery then rests for two hours then discharges followed by another charge cycle
  • Reports discharge capacity at the end of the cycle 
  • Useful for batteries with degraded performance


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