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iPOWER IP-FC904U 9 Volt - 9V NiMH/Lithium/NiCD Battery Charger

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4-Channel Smart Battery Charger
Item: IP-FC904U
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Worlds first 9V Lithium Battery Charger.

Charges the new iPOWER 9V Lithium Polymer 9V Rechargeable Batteries, in addition to all 9V NiMH, NiCD rechargeable batteries also.

A 9 Volt rechargeable battery charger that is small, powerful, fast and smart. The new iPOWER IP-FC904U can charge up to four 8.4V or 9.6V NiMH, NiCD, and the New 9V Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries in just 1.5 Hours. With the included car adapter, you don't have to worry about waiting until your rechargeable battery is fully charged because you can pop the IP-FC904U battery charger into the car, charging your rechargeable 9V batteries as you drive.

Size of the IP-FC904U battery charger is only 2.75" X 3.75"

No more worrying about where to put your 9 volt battery charger, the IP-FC904U 9 volt battery charger is so compact that you can basically put it anywhere.

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