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Nexcell NC-50FC AA - AAA Battery Charger

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AA - AAA Compatible Charger (batteries not included)
Item: NC-50FC
Model: NC-50FC

  • AA-AAA battery charger
  • Charges 4 AA or AAA batteries or any combination of the two sizes at once.
  • 4 independent computer controlled charging channels
  • AA and AAA batteries have different charging currents to ensure proper charge
  • Built-in discharging function for reconditioning NiMH and eliminating memory effect in NiCd batteries
  • Discharging function automatically switches to charging mode
  • Left two or right two banks can perform different functions at once
  • Music turns on after a full charge and can be switched off with button I or II
  • "Di" beeps when installing a battery into the charger
  • With various timer charge cut-off technology, the overcharging of batteries can be avoided to extend the life of your batteries
  • Uses two temperature sensors to protect batteries from overheating
  • The smart brain uses a Three Step Pulse Charging Algorithm to fully cool charge batteries
    • 1. Primary charge - uses high current to until batteries have reached 90% charge state
    • 2. 1.5hr charge - uses lower current supplement charging
    • 3. Trickle charge - at the end, batteries go to a 12 hour trickle charge
  • Innovative "sleep and wake-up mode" function can keep batteries at a fully charged condition during standing without damaging batteries
    • Trickle charge keeps batteries from self-discharging
    • However, long trickle charge times can damage NiMH batteries
    • The NC-50FC has a 12 hour trickle charge period, then sleeps for 6 days
    • After 6 days, the charger will "wake up" and give the batteries another 12 hour trickle charge
    • "Sleep and Wake-Up Mode" can be repeated, thus allowing batteries to keep a charge indefinitely while still in the charger
  • The charger detects dead or shorted batteries; the LED turns yellow and the "di" alarm sounds until the dead battery is removed
  • When a non-rechargeable battery is installed into the charger, the red LED will flash 4 times and the charger stops functioning. Charger will restart once the cell is removed
  • In case of reverse contact, the charger's "di" alarm will sound and stop functioning until the reversed cell is removed or polarity is corrected

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