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Maha Powerex Precharged 2 Pack D Cell 10,000 mAh Low Discharge NIMH Rechargeable Batteries

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Two Batteries per Pack
Item: MH-RDP2
MAHA PRECHARGED D Cell 10,000 mAh Low Discharge Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
Two batteries per pack

MAHA's next-generation low discharge nickel metal hydride battery.

Rechargeable batteries have an inherent characteristic to release their stored energy in small amounts. This phenomenon is called self-discharge. This property is particularly noticeable in rechargeable batteries such as nickel metal hydride  as compared to dry cell batteries.  For this reason, rechargeables have always needed to be charged before use.  New technology has made possible the development of low discharge NiMH making that a thing of the past.
This new product's main property is that it has introduced great improvements in self-discharge properties (residual ratio after one year of non use is 85%, in temperature conditions of 20 degree Celsius according to MAHA research).

Through this breakthrough development, MAHA has realized a rechargeable battery that can challenge dry cell batteries in user-friendliness through features such as making possible use immediately after purchase or once charged, its ability to be used anytime.

How MAHA reduced the self-discharge of NiMH Batteries:

Modern NiMH batteries consist of two metal stripes ( anode and cathode ), which are separated by a non-conductive porous plastic foil ( separator ). These three stripes are laid on top of each other and are winded to a coil. This coil is put in a metal can and immersed with a liquid ( electrolyte ). Then the metal can is closed with a cap. The self discharge of NiMH batteries is caused by three main reasons:

* the chemical decomposition of the cathode
* the natural disaggregation of the anode
* impurities of the anode

Now, how has the self-discharge in the MAHA PRECHARGED been reduced?

The chemical decomposition of the cathode has been reduced substantially by the use of an advanced NEW Technology that has been refined by MAHA.

As an additional benefit this technology increases the electrical capacity of the battery and reduces the internal resistance, which allows higher discharge currents than older NiMH Batteries.

Another advantage of the reduced decomposition of this alloy is the fact, that less strategic metal is needed to stabilize the alloy.

The anode has been strengthened by another new material, which reduces the natural disaggregation.

Additionally the separator and the used electrolyte have been optimized for low self discharge of these batteries.

Low self-discharge - the key-advantage

What makes the MAHA PRECHARGED different than older NiMH Batteries?

The key-advantage of the Maha Imedion compared to usual rechargeable batteries is its extremely low self-discharge.

The MAHA POWEREX PRECHARGED will Retain Capacity... Even After 12 Months of non-use

Once charged, Powerex Precharged batteries retain their charged capacity even after 6 or 12 months of storage
(90% plus of Charged Capacity retained after 6 months and 85% Capacity after 12 months).

Powerex PRECHARGED batteries are precharged and ready for immediate use after purchase - straight from the pack just like primary (non-rechargeable) batteries. There is no need to charge before use.

MAHA has been a leader in nickel metal hydride batteries for the consumer market. The synergy of the following proprietary technologies of MAHA ENERGY in developing high capacity products has made the successful development of Imedion possible:

1. high-performance negative electrode superior alloy
2. makeup of battery material and battery plates
3. maintain quality despite being out of use for a long time

These are a few of the technologies that have helped contain self-discharge during the period for which the battery is not in use. Furthermore, it also inhibits voltage reduction even after a long period of being out of use.

  1. Immediately usable new rechargeable battery
  2. Maha Powerex Precharged low discharge batteries can replace alkaline batteries for all your needs and can be used in any application where AA batteries are needed
  3. Extremely low self discharge
  4. Excellent high performance even at low temperatures down to 10 degrees C
  5. No memory effect - recharge at any time
  6. An environment-friendly product
  7. More powerful and longer lasting than dry cell batteries and superior low temperature electrical discharge performance
  8. Can be charged up to a 1000 times
  9. Economically more efficient than dry cell batteries, these batteries can be used 1000 times over with no need to worry about memory effect .
  10. Basically, the Powerex Precharged is a modern NiMH battery which can be charged like any other NiMH battery

  11. Can be charged by using any good quality NiMH battery charger such as our Maha brand

Powerex Precharged is the right battery for all your applications.

It replaces disposable batteries in

  • Remote controls
  • Cameras
  • Clocks and alarm-clocks
  • Electric torches
  • Radios
  • LCD-TVs
  • Battery Operated Toothbrushes
  • Shavers
  • Flashlights
  • Toys
  • MP3-Players
  • Electronic games
  • Computer-keyboards and mice.
  1. Dimensions: AAA Size
  2. Weight: Approximately 13g
  3. Warranty: 1 Year by MAHA

POWEREX PRECHARGED - the only battery you will ever need

One battery for all applications

Does this sound familiar to you?

You stand in the electronic shop and you only came there

to purchase a pack of batteries, but the rack in front of you is full of batteries -

batteries for this application and batteries for that application,

cheap batteries, expensive ones, red, yellow, blue and green

batteries, disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries,

AA, AAA, C and D sizes - you are confused.

There is an end to this confusion.

POWEREX PRECHARGED is the right battery for all your applications.

No more need for special batteries

Several manufacturers offer special disposable batteries for certain applications like cameras or audio. They claim, that only these special batteries have enough power to run these applications.

Now there is no more need for these expensive special batteries. POWEREX PRECHARGED is powerful enough to run all these applications without problem and even better than any of the special disposable batteries.

Expensive batteries or cheap batteries?

Compare the price of POWEREX PRECHARGED with the price of high quality disposable batteries and remember that you can use one POWEREX PRECHARGED Battery up to 1000 times. The decision should be easy.

Low Discharge Battery FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions about Low Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries.

Question: What are Low Discharge NiMH Batteries?
Answer: The New Low Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries are capable of holding their charge for several months.  Most are capable of maintaning up to 85% of their capacity for 1 year.

Question: Are there any trade offs to using these New Low Discharge NiMH Batteries?

Answer: Yes there is. These new batteries have a lower capacity than older NiMH Batteries. However they all are designed to actually have a longer useful life than standard NiMH batteries, a much lower self discharge rate and they also are actually capable of delivering a higher current during use .   In actual use,  Low Discharge batteries will have a much longer life than old style NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Question: Can these New NiMH Batteries still be used in High Discharge Devices like Digital Cameras ?

Answer: Yes they can. Plus due to their Low Self Discharge rate they can also be used in devices like remote controls, flashlights as well. Basically you can use these batteries more like you would standard alkaline batteries. All of these batteries come charged and ready to use right out of the package, and can be recharged at any time without any fear of memory effect.

Question: What type of useful life can I expect from these new Low-Discharge NiMH batteries ?

Answer: These new style Low-Discharge batteries can be recharged up to a 1000 times. Plus due to their Low Self Discharge rate they will help avoid another problem that often occurs with standard NiMH Batteries. How often have you went to use your older NiMH batteries after several months of no use and not found that your batteries are completely dead and will would no longer accept a charge. Standard NiMH batteries can become totally un-chargeable after just a few months of no use. These Newer NiMH Low-Discharge batteries will not only maintain a charge longer than standard NiMH batteries but are certain to take a charge even after several months of no use.

Question: Do these Low Discharge Batteries require a special charger ?

Answer: No ! These new Low Discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries can be fully charged with any good quality charger. Basically you can use charge these batteries like you would any NiMH rechargeable batteries. All of these batteries come charged and ready to use right out of the package, and can be recharged at any time without any fear of memory effect.

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