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Maha Powerex Batteries

Maha has made the Powerex brand of batteries for many years.  Changing terminology and technology has led to the newest version batteries available from Maha - Powerex Precharged and Powerex PRO.  Powerex Precharged batteries include the 2600 mAh AA,  the 1000 mAh AAA,  the 5000 mAh C cell,  the 10,000 D cell and two version 9V batteries - an 8.4V 300 mAh and a 9.6V 230 mAh.

Precharged is a term that is synonymous with low discharge.  All Powerex Precharged can hold a charge of up to 85% for one year of storage!  No more need to top off before use and no need to charge every couple of months in storage.

Powerex PRO batteries are the latest 2700 mAh AA battery from Maha and hold a charge up to 75% for one year of storage with the same great recycle time you have come to expect from Maha Powerex.  

All of these newest batteries from Maha - Powerex Precharged and Powerex PRO can be charged in the same chargers as their previous counterparts.  Any good quality fast NiMH battery charger will be fine - check out the selection we have from Maha.
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