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MAHA MH-C808M AA - AAA - C - D Battery Charger

Your Price: $89.97
Retail Price:$99.95
Your Savings:$9.98(10%)
DELUXE 8 Cell Professional Battery Charger - Full LCD Display
Item: MH-C808M

Advanced MH-C808M Deluxe Ultimate Professional Maha AA - AAA - C - D Battery Charger - 30 Day Money Back
World Travel Conditioning Battery Charger and Recovery System

Low Discharge BATTERY COMPATIBLE - charges any brand low discharge or regular NiMH battery as well as NiCad batteries.

Included Accessories with each Maha MH-C808M Battery Charger

  • International Adapter with a solid DIN style power connecter and a 6' AC cord w/ US style 2 prong plug. ( Requires plug adapters for International use )

Revolutionary Advanced NEW Battery Charger from MAHA - MH-C808M Battery Charger
No other battery charger currently made has the Quality or Precision of the Maha MH-C808M Battery Charger.

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