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C.B. Tune-Up Manual Master Edition Volume 7

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CB TUNE-UP MANUAL MASTER EDITION VOLUME 7 New manual covers more tune-ups and channel mods on many popular export radios. Eagle 2000, Eagle 5000, Dirland SS-3000B, GALAXY DX33HML, DX44V, DX55V, DX77HML, DX88HL, Mirage 88, DX99V, RCI2980, RCI2990, Cobra 148F GTL, Uniden PC76XLW, Uniden PC122XL, Uniden GRANT XL, Maxon MCB-60, SUPERSTAR 3900G, and more. Mike wiring charts, transmit power mods, variable alignments.
CB Tune-Up Manual Covers Over 2000 Different RadiosSpecial Export Edition
  • Professionally Illustrated and written for ease of use
  • New Style Microphone wiring charts
  • Complete with Master Index for Volumes 1 thru Volume 7

Please Note: We are the original publisher of the CB TUNE-UP Manual Series and the Copyright holder. These are the original manuals, not cheap or unauthorized copies that are being sold by others. We do not sell the CB Tune-UP manuals on CD or to anyone else at the previous time. So if if you find them available elsewhere, then be assured that these are unauthorized copies and are often of very poor quality.

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