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AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Batteries
AA Batteries
AA Batteries
AAA Batteries
AAA Batteries
C Batteries
C Batteries
D Batteries
D Batteries
9V Batteries
9V Batteries

Choose from a wide selection of AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries to power your electronic devices. Let us help you find the best battery for your power needs. We have a team of professionals waiting to answer any questions you may have 800-821-2769, Monday through Friday from 10-2:00 central time.

What devices take AA batteries?
AA batteries are the most popular battery for electronic devices including digital cameras, childrens toys and baby monitors, and universal remotes.
Many digital cameras use high capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries that provide more point and shoot time. Universal TV, DVD and Blu-ray remotes typically use AA alkaline batteries, AA NiMH rechargeable low discharge batteries, or AA NiMH rechargeable pre-charged batteries.
Childrens toys also use AA alkaline batteries, AA NiMH rechargeable low discharge batteries, or AA NiMH rechargeable pre-charged batteries. For childrens toys we recommend purchasing (Sanyo Eneloop 4 Pack AA rechargeable batteries). (Maha C801D) is the perfect AA battery charger that will charge up to eight rechargeable NiCD or NiMH batteries at a time.

What devices take AAA batteries?
AAA batteries are used in small electronic devices including MP3 players, universal remotes, small flashlights, and childrens toys, baby monitors.
Popular TV remotes that use AAA batteries are Dish Network, Samsung, Logitech, RCA and many more.

What devices take C batteries?
C batteries are used in bigger childrens toys, and flashlights, radios, baby swings and many popular wine and bottle openers.
If you have a child you are dependent on C batteries for all your bigger childrens toys.
Popular childrens toy brands include Fisher-Price, Playskool, LeapFrog, Little Tikes, and Vtech.

What devices take D batteries?
D batteries are used in flashlights and large docking stations, speaker stereo systems, large radios, and power tools.
Popular Apple iPod and iPhone docking stations use D batteries.

What devices take 9V batteries?
9V batteries are mainly known to be used for fire alarms (for these and CO2 detectors, low discharge 9Vs are recommended not regular NiMH).
Other popular 9V devices include alarm clocks, sprinkler and drip systems, RC cars, paintball guns, wireless microphones, metal detectors, tens units and other medical devices as well as guitar amplifiers and audio visual equipment.