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Maha MH-C204W Black World Charger with 4 Maha 2700 AA Batteries and Battery Holder Kit
Part Number K-C204W4AA270BK
 Maha MH-C204W Black World Charger with 4 Maha 2700 AA Batteries  and Battery Holder Kit
Includes Four 2700mAh AA Maha Batteries
1 Four Cell Battery Holder
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The MH-C204W will fully recharge high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries regardless of the capacity of the batteries, and will recharge even the higher capacity NiMH batteries of the future. The MH-C204W will also charge the new Low Discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries.
--Finally a charger that fits in a digital camera bag! No more carrying around a large, heavy charger with a huge power adapter that is bigger than most digital cameras! Redesigned form the ground up, the MH-C204W is a very lightweight charger with a universal 100~240V 50/60 Hz capable power supply built in. The MH-C204W also offers the convenience of a faster charging time, redesigned conditioning circuit, and the all new maintenance charging capability. Boosting up to 98% charging efficiency, the MH-C204W will allow you to get the most out of your Hi-Capacity rechargeable batteries. The MH-C204W battery charger is the most efficient NiMH battery charger on the market today in this affordable price range

Improvements on an already intelligent battery charger
When the light turns green, your NiMH batteries will be nearly 98% charged so you can get the most of the high capacity rechargeable batteries currently available. The MH-C204W battery charger has a 5th generation PowerEx microprocessor that features a unique four stage charging process:
-Rapid Charging
-Top-Off Charging
-Maintenance Charging

The ramp-up jolts the rechargeable batteries, if needed, to revive older batteries. This jolting feature is a series of carefully timed high current pulses that can activate both new and inactive rechargeable batteries

The MH-C204W battery charger is designed with an intermediate, medium current, top-off charge so that the rechargeable battery will retain most of its charge.

The maintenance charging feature on the MH-C204W Maha battery charger is an extremely low current pulse charging that gives the rechargeable batteries a brief pulse charge periodically to ensure the rechargeable batteries are charged but not overcharged. This feature actually allows you to leave your rechargeable batteries in the MH-C204W battery charger while plugged in--without any fear of over-charging your rechargeable batteries.

Battery Conditioning (New Conditioning Circuit)
One of the most impressive features on the MH-C204W battery charger is its battery conditioning ability, which will rejuvenate your NiMH rechargeable batteries to their best performance by subjecting them to a automatic discharge / charge conditioning cycle. The MH-C204W charger is also capable of reviving many old NiMH batteries that you once were not chargeable by other battery chargers. NiMH rechargeable batteries that were ready for the recycle bin may be brought back to life using the MAHA PowerEx MH-C204W conditioning feature.

Dual Battery Charging Circuits
The intelligent MH-C204W battery charger features two independent banks, able to perform different functions simultaneously This means you can charge two unique sets of two rechargeable batteries. You can put two NiMH AA rechargeable batteries in one bank and two Nimh AAA rechargeable batteries in the other bank. IT'S LIKE HAVING TWO BATTERY CHARGERS in one!

Rapid Charger
The state-of-the-art Hi-Tech MH-C204W Battery Charger, charger can rapid charge your NiMH ( Nickel Metal Hydride ) and NiCD AA / AAA rechargeable batteries with the precision that only microprocessor technology can provide. Designed with two independent circuits. You can charge either one or two sets of rechargeable batteries totally independent of each set.

When using different types of rechargeable batteries such as NiCD, they often exhibit memory problems. With the conditioning features available in the MH-C204W Battery Charger, your rechargeable batteries can now be revived from poor performance and/or brought back to a rechargeable state. In addition the MH-C204W battery charger can condition one set of two rechargeable batteries while charging another set. Once the conditioning cycle is complete the unit switches to the normal charge cycle automatically.

Click here to download the Maha Powerex MH-C204W Charger instruction manual
MH-C204W Features:
  • The MH-C204W charges either AA or AAA size NiMH rechargeable battery cells.
  • Will also charge the new ENELOOP batteries from SANYO with absolute precision.
  • World voltage capable with built in power supply (Includes simple AC power cord for operation.
  • Ultra lightweight--charge weighs about 4 oz. (7.5 oz with AC power cord)
  • Built-in microprocessor controller with trickle charge.
  • Built-in conditioner for rejuvenating your NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Selectable conditioning cycle. (use only when needed)
  • Two or Four Cell Battery Charging
  • Charge Time: about 60 Minutes (1 Hr) when charging 2 batteries - about 120 minutes (2 Hr) when charging 4 batteries.
  • Two independent charging and discharging circuits
  • Fully recharges high capacity NiMH batteries. regardless of the batteries capacity and will recharge even the higher capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries of the future.
  • Capable of simultaneous battery charging and /or discharging. -deltaV, zero deltaV, and temperature termination .

  • 'AA' Battery Charge Current : Full 2.0A charge current (2000mA)
  • 'AAA' Battery Charge Current 0.7A ( 700mA)
  • Trickle Charge Current : 50mA
  • Discharge Current : 0.4A (400mA)
  • Current Sensing IC switches to Normal Charge Cycle after Conditioning
  • AC US Style 2-Prong Power Cord Included
  • AC Power Input 100V ~240V AC ~50/60Hz 0.15A (150mA) - About 12 Watts
  • Simply charge your batteries fully, and then just leave them in the the MAHA MH-C204W Battery Charger.
  • Maintain a continued full charge condition and your rechargeable batteries " will always be ready for use " One set to use while charging another set of rechargeable batteries.
Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ

How long does it take to charge batteries using the MH-C204W?

Generally around 1 hour for 2 AA or AAA batteries and 2 hours for 4 AA or AAA batteries.

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ2
Will it charge higher capacity batteries?

Yes. As a matter of fact, this charger was designed not only to charge any capacity of NiMH batteries, it will charge with up to a 98%+ efficiency. An industry first.

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ2 Will the MH-C204W charge the new ENELOOP rechargeable batteries from SANYO ?
Yes it will and with absolute precision. The MH-C204W has been throughly tested with the new SANYO ENELOOP rechargeable batteries.
Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ3
Can I use the MH-C204W charger to charge 1800 mah Batteries? The literature that came with it said not to use the MH-C204W to charge batteries less than 2000mAh.

You can charge the 1800mAh rechargeable batteries just fine in the MH-C204W battery charger if you charge 4 batteries at a time. Actually the instructions say not to charge any rechargeable batteries that are less than 2000mAh when charging 2 rechargeable batteries only. If you only charge 2 AA rechargeable batteries at a time then the batteries must be at least 2000mAh or higher to prevent any damage to the batteries.

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ4
Do the rechargeable batteries get warm while charging?
Yes, rechargeable batteries will get warm while charging and this is normal. More heat may be noticed when you are charging 2 batteries rather than four due to the higher charge rate. Some of the heat you may notice during charging is actually from the built-in power supply. However the MH-C204W battery charger has a built-in temperature termination sensor similar to the MH-C401FS battery charger that monitors your rechargeable batteries and makes sure that they are charged safely and completely .
** Please note that there are some other brands of battery chargers on the market that boost cool charging. Naturally your batteries will stay cool if they are only charged to 80 percent of their rated capacity. In other words if you were charging 2200 mAh batteries with these other so called cool chargers, and they were only charging to 80 percent your batteries rated capacity, your rechargeable batteries would be charging up with an average capacity of 1760 mAh - you would be loosing 440 mAh of your rechargeable batteries rated capacity and naturally your rechargeable batteries could fail due to the inefficient charging.
Maha Powerex MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ5
Do you have a chart available where I can compare the features of the MH-C204W battery charger to the other Maha Chargers.
Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ6
Can I use the MH-C204W battery charger overseas?

Yes, the MH-C204W battery charger has a built in universal power supply. However, regional plug adapters (changers) may be needed. We also offer regional AC cord adapters available under the accessory section.

Maha Powerex MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ6

Does the Maha MH-C204W battery charger have the discharge feature?

Yes, the Maha MH-C204W battery charger has the discharge feature built-in..

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ7

Will the Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger charge other brand of batteries?

Yes, the MH-C204W battery charger and all Maha battery chargers will charge all top quality name brand rechargeable batteries.

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ8

What is the difference between the MH-C204F, MH-C401FS and the MH-C204W charger?

The MH-C204F charges the batteries in pairs, has a discharge feature and charges at 500mA. The MH-C401FS charges batteries independently and charges the batteries twice as fast than the MH-C204F. The MH-C204W has a built-in adapter and the MH-C204W charges and discharges batteries faster than the MH-C204F.

Maha Powerex MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ9
Can I charge Rechargeable Alkaline in the MH-C204W battery charger?

No, the Maha MH-C204W battery charger can not recharge alkaline batteries. The MAHA MH-C204W battery charger can detect if an alkaline battery is inserted into the charging bay.

Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ9

Does the MAHA MH-C204W battery charger work in the car?

No. However a voltage converter that converts 12V to AC can be used to provide operation in a car such as our DP-IN25 DC to AC converter.

Maha Powerex MH-C204W Battery Charger FAQ10
What is the warranty for the MH-C204W battery charger?

The Maha MH-C204W Battery Charger has a One Year Warranty .

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